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Monitor RoCE - Cisco

Monitor RoCE and configuration examples for Cisco Switch

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Performance Monitor
Monitor Priority and Pause Frames for RDMA (RoCE) on Cisco Switch

Microsoft references:

Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Configuring Priority Flow Control

S2D# show interface ethernet 1/x priority-flow-control
    If you do not specify an interface (ethernet x/x) the show interface priority-flow-control command will display the priority flow control information for all interfaces (layer 2 and layer 3).

    S2D# show interface priority-flow-control
      Example, Port 3 and 4 has PFC On/On (no Auto/On), and we can see it receive and send (Rx/Tx) Pause Frames

      S2D# show interface priority-flow-control
      Port Mode Oper(VL bmap) RxPPP TxPPP

      Ethernet1/1 Auto Off 0 0
      Ethernet1/2 Auto Off 0 0
      Ethernet1/3 On   On (0) 13734 2546
      Ethernet1/4 On   On (0) 13865 2634
      Ethernet1/5 Auto Off 0 0
      Ethernet1/6 Auto Off 0 0
      Ethernet1/7 Auto Off 0 0


      • Port specific:
        • switchport mode trunk
        • switchport trunk native vlan <Your native vlan, Default is 1>
        • switchport trunk allowed vlan <Your vlan list>
        • spanning-tree port type edge
        • flowcontrol receive off
        • flowcontrol send off
        • priority-flow-control mode on
        • no shutdown
      • Global:
        • class-map type qos match-all RDMA
        • match cos 3
        • class-map type queuing RDMA
        • match qos-group 3
        • policy-map type qos QOS_MARKING
        • class RDMA
        • set qos-group 3
        • class class-default
        • policy-map type queuing QOS_QUEUEING
        • class type queuing RDMA
        • bandwidth percent 50
        • class type queuing class-default
        • bandwidth percent 50
        • class-map type network-qos RDMA
        • match qos-group 3
        • policy-map type network-qos QOS_NETWORK
        • class type network-qos RDMA
        • mtu xxxx (Please check with pNIC settings*)
        • pause no-drop
        • class type network-qos class-default
        • mtu 9216 (Please check with pNIC settings, pNIC for Windows Jumbo Frames is normally 9014, the Physical Switch end-to-end connection is recommended to be the max size 9216)
        • system qos
        • service-policy type qos input QOS_MARKING
        • service-policy type queuing output QOS_QUEUEING
        • service-policy type network-qos QOS_NETWORK