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Monitor RoCE - HPE

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Performance Monitor
Monitor Priority and Pause Frames for RDMA (RoCE) on HPE Switch

Microsoft references:

HPE FlexFabric 5950 Command Reference

S2D# display priority-flow-control interface HundredGigE1/1/x
(List the PFC Settings and the Priority and Pause Frames (Recv/Send))

Auto: Specifies PFC in auto mode. In this mode, the Ethernet interface automatically negotiates the PFC status with its peer over LLDP.
Enable: Forcibly enables PFC.

Interface           AdminMode  OperMode  Dot1pList   Prio  Recv       Send
HGE1/1/x            Enabled    Enabled   3           3     176597     34268

S2D# reset counters interface HundredGigE1/1/x
(To reset the Recv/Send counters)

HPE Switch Port Example:
interface HundredGigE1/1/x
port link-mode bridge
description S2D Storage Port
port link-type trunk
port trunk permit vlan <S2D Storage vlan list>
priority-flow-control enable
priority-flow-control no-drop dot1p 3
stp edged-port

qos trust dot1p