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Validate-DCB Disconnected installation

Validator for RDMA Configuration and Best Practices. Validate-DCB Disconnected installation

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Validator for RDMA Configuration and Best Practices

Validate-DCB Disconnected installation

Validate-DCB Fix 58 errors

More information about installation and review the result for Validate-DCB
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Validate-DCB Disconnected installation (Step-by-Step)
  1. The installation failed do to no internet access (Disconnected)
  2. From a Host with Internet access run "Save-Module Validate-DCB -Path C:\Temp"
  3. The packages are downloaded
  4. The Download complete
  5. The six folders are created with all the modules
  6. Select and copy the six folders
  7. Change back to the disconnected Host, change to the folder "C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules"
  8. Paste the files to the folder
  9. Files are copied
  10. Check that the files and folders are copied
    (Restart PowerShell CLI, to load with the new modules)
  11. Now you can run the "Validate-DCB"
  12. The prerequisite part "Global Unit" is check
  13. If the "Global Unit" pass, the wizard will start and you are ready to add the information about your system
  14. For more information about the next step go to the online installation guide [Link]
    (The next part is the same for online and disconnected systems)