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DataON Azure Stack HCI - Public Preview

 Azure Stack HCI - Public Preview - Installation and Troubleshooting series with DataON

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Azure Stack HCI - Public Preview - Installation and Troubleshooting series with DataON

DataON Azure Stack HCI
  • DataON Hosts
  • Intel NVMe
  • Mellanox Network

Part 1

Setup test Domain and Windows Admin Center
Installation of the physical DataON with the Azure Stack HCI - Public Preview
Configuration of network with one dual port Mellanox ConnectX-4 adapter for both Storage and Guest Traffic

Setup of VMs for Performance test with DiskSpd.exe
Se the impact on the Host CPUs for Storage, Network and Guest workload

(Video will come one day... when I have time to finish the editing)

Part 2

Configuration of network with two dual port Mellanox ConnectX-4 adapters. The Storage adapter are direct connected and the Guest Traffic use a SET switch connect to Mellanox SN2100 physical Switch

Notes and time agenda for the Video: 00:20 Agenda, Create one virtual switch for compute only and use direct connection for storage 00:45 Start the cleaning of the previous setup 00:50 Delete all the VMs (Was exported before the recording was started) 01:20 Delete all the vDisk 01:50 Disable-ClusterS2D the "destroy cluster" part is NOT included in this video... 02:10 Clear-Cluster Node was performed on all Nodes 02:44 Start the "Create new" "Server cluster" from WAC 02:56 WAC step 1.1 Check the prerequisites 03:05 WAC step 1.2 Add servers 04:35 WAC step 2.1 Verify network adapters (Remove Existing Switches, from last demo) 04:56 WAC step 2.2 Select management adapter (Use a 10Gbps pNIC, only 1Gbps connection in the Demo) 05:24 WAC step 2.3 Define networks (Add the Name, IP, Subnet and vlan for the Storage pNICs) 06:20 WAC step 2.4 Virtual Switch 07:00 WAC step 3.1 Validate cluster 07:30 WAC step 3.2 Create cluster 08:30 WAC step 4.1 Clean drives 09:18 WAC step 4.4 Enable Storage Spaces Direct More to come in the next videos about setup of vDisk and performance

Part 3

More to come