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Rebuild Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) SOFS Cluster

Rebuild Storage Spaces Direct S2D and Scale-Out File Server (SOFS) - Troubleshooting series

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Rebuild Storage Spaces Direct S2D and Scale-Out File Server (SOFS) - Troubleshooting series

Rebuild a 4 Node Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) SOFS Cluster. Reconfigured the Network and use Validate-DCB to ensure the RoCE setup of DCB, PFC, ETS. Enable the S2D again on the "new" cluster Reuse/add the "old" Storage Pool back to the "new" cluster Add the "old" vDisks and share it again with the SOFS Role If it work, I get my VMs back... no need to restore from Backup... The "old" Cluster was deleted and one Host was complet reinstalled. The "Clear-ClusterNode" was used to clear the cluster configuration from a node. This ensure that the failover cluster configuration has been completely removed from a node. Sit back, enjoy 1 hour and 12 minutes of planned and unplanned challenges. Troubleshooting with Validate-DCB and the use of SCVMM/PowerShell to configure the Cluster Network

If you don't have time to see it all (recommended to see it all, it is fun to see me get into trouble) Then I have created some time agenda, that can help to jump in the Video 0:03:08 See the old disk Pool info. on one Host from "Disk Management" 0:04:05 SCVMM Add the Host to SCVMM 0:05:05 SCVMM Add the Logical Switch to the Host 0:06:43 See the vNIC be created on the Host from SCVMM 0:08:14 See the vNIC for Storage 0:09:02 See the configuration of DCB, PFC and ETS (PowerShell) 0:13:56 The new cluster dont use the same vlan as the old, will give problems later 0:14:10 Use the wrong vNIC name when configure the MTU (See if Validate-DCB will detect the mistake 0:24:54) 0:16:44 See how I make a mistake. Add the wrong Subnet Mask for my Management vNIC... 0:21:59 Validate-DCB Installation of the Module 0:22:55 Validate-DCB Run the first time... 0:24:54 Validate-DCB shows the MTU Error 0:26:54 Validate-DCB on all Hosts (Changed the script in Notepad) 0:28:18 Validate-DCB Use the wrong Policy Name for the SMB 0:29:38 Validate-DCB NetQosPolicy Name changed 0:31:54 Validate-DCB ETS Traffic Class missing 0:34:00 Validate-DCB Okay 0:37:05 Found the Subnet error on the Management vNIC 0:40:01 Cluster wizard failed first time 0:41:32 Cluster wizard failed second time 0:42:02 Cluster Wizard failed again 0:42:56 Cluster Wizard started again, this time it works... 0:45:07 Cluster created (Back in the game) 0:46:10 Enable Storage Spaces Direct S2D again (cross the finger that is accept the old pool) 0:48:08 Add the "old" Storage Pool back to the "new" Cluster 0:48:26 Add the "old" Disk back to the "new" Cluster (vDisk 1 to 3) 0:49:21 Rename vDisks after add to the cluster 0:51:14 Add SOFS03 Role 0:55:42 SOFS Role created for "SOFS03" 0:56:09 Delegation of Control to the CNO 0:56:53 Add File Share for vDisk2 0:58:00 Add File Share for vDisk2 0:59:10 Add File Share for vDisk3 1:01:35 SCVMM Remove the old SOFS Provider from SCVMM 1:01:43 SCVMM Add the rebuild SOFS 1:05:04 SCVMM Add the vDisk Access Control 1:06:31 SCVMM Missing the "File Share managed by Virtual Machine Manager" 1:07:02 SCVMM Add the File Share Storage vDisk1 1:08:58 SCVMM Repair the vDisk2 File Share Storage connection 1:09:06 SCVMM Add the File Share Storage vDisk3 1:09:28 SCVMM File Share Storage all vDisks are now green 1:09:50 Explain the last problems (vlan and SOFS Client access) 1:11:00 Start the first VM *** Links: DCB, PFC and ETS Configuration for RDMA/RoCE.
https://www.s2d.dk/2019/12/dcb-configuration.html Validator for RDMA Configuration and Best Practices

Microsoft Docs version of the Blog is now released Validate an Azure Stack HCI cluster https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure-stack/hci/deploy/validate Validate-DCB Disconnected installation