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BifrostConnect - Remote access

BifrostConnect - Remote access

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BifrostConnect - Remote access

Demo of BifrostConnect remote console access to Cisco Switch with the use of RS232 Serial port over 4G

Remote access to Mac mini M1 with BifrostConnect over 4G See the boot process remotely for the Mac mini M1 Only one cable connected... for remote Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM access) Remote 4G, WiFi and LAN access to your Mac mini M1...

Remote access to Mac mini M1 with BifrostConnect over 4G and Ethernet

Change your Mac startup disk or access macOS Recovery Remote 1. With your Mac mini M1 (Apple silicon) turned off 2. Press and hold the power button until you see “Loading startup options”. 3. Select from the options...

Remote Access to Intel NUC BIOS with BifrostConnect... Change PC BIOS settings or Access Windows 10 Recovery Remotely... "Only one cable is need if USB-C is available on your PC, Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM access)" Today I will demo with the HDMI port for Video. Mouse and Keyboard is provided over the Micro-USB and we power the BifrostConnect with Power over Ethernet (PoE).

90 seconds review of BifrostConnect with 32 ports KVM Switch
Remote Access to Raritan 32 Port KVM Switch with BifrostConnect.
Use of VGA to HDMI adapter

BifrostConnect review with Desktop KVM from UGREEN Change a Desktop KVM to a advanced KVM over IP

BifrostConnect Demo of the Relay and Serial Port with Hikvision NVR

Remote Access Hikvision NVR and setup a Alarm input that can be triggered by the Relay port from BifrostConnect. Demo the "Computer" and "Terminal" access with HDMI pass-through Monitor from Feelworld.

BifrostConnect Unattended new feature demo (Beta Software) Demo with the new BifrostConnect Unattended version. Connect remote to Fujitsu TX1320 Server over the Serial port (RS232) to power on/off and remote KVM Access with the BifrostConnect. Demo BIOS and POST Access without network connection, but with the use of BifrostConnect with 4G. Demo of some of the BMC feature you can access over RS232 with the Fujitsu TX1320.

For more information: https://www.bifrostconnect.com https://www.bifrostconnect.com/bifrostconnect-unattended https://www.bifrostconnect.com/bifrostconnect-attended Security by design Reach your equipment via Bifrosts secure cloud, no file transfer and no software installation needed Connect to all types of devices Bifrost enables remote support to PC's, servers, mobile devices, network equipment, you name it.. Built-in 4G, Wifi and LAN with PoE Portable and battery powered Work with Bifrost for hours on-the-go without needing an external power supply. Charging with Micro-USB, USB-C or PoE. Support Micro-USB, USB-C, HDMI, RS232 Serial port. Even have a Relay Port...

*** Note: This video contains hardware and software provided by the manufacturers for the recording. The recording don't include paid product placements ***