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Azure Stack HCI Network ATC Demo

  Azure Stack HCI Network ATC Demo (First look)

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Last update: 2021.07.01 Azure Stack HCI (21H2 Preview)

Network ATC (Docs)

Demo of 6 Node Fully converged intent Stretched cluster configuration
(Stretched VLANs. Use the Network ATC Default VLANs 711, 712 for Storage with DHCP)
  • Add-NetIntent -Name ConvergedIntent -Management -Compute -Storage -ClusterName CLU4630 -AdapterName pNIC1, pNIC2
  • Get-NetIntent -ClusterName CLU4630
  • Get-NetIntentStatus -ClusterName CLU4630
  • Remove-NetIntent -ClusterName CLU4630 -Name convergedintent

Change MTU from Default (1514) to Jumbo Packet (9014) with Network ATC
  • $AdapterOverride = New-NetIntentAdapterPropertyOverrides
  • $AdapterOverride.JumboPacket = 9014
  • Set-NetIntent -ClusterName CLU4630 -Name convergedintent -AdapterPropertyOverrides $AdapterOverride
  • Get-NetAdapterAdvancedProperty -Name pNIC0, pNIC2, vSMB* -RegistryKeyword *JumboPacket -Cimsession (Get-ClusterNode).Name

Get-NetIntent -ClusterName CLU4630

Get-NetIntentStatus -ClusterName CLU4630
Default MTU
Change MTU to Jumbo Packet (9014)